• What is Aeroverse?

    AEROVERSE is a streaming app that has secured content from across the globe including documentaries and TV shows featuring the best aircraft and aviators on the planet. Our purpose is to bring people together through the fun of flight and the adventure that aviators experience.

  • How much does Aeroverse cost?

    $8.99/month or $89/year (Save $18.88 when purchasing the annual subscription)

  • Where can I watch?

    Starting December 17th, you will be able to watch on the website. The Aeroverse app is set to launch on Apple, Android, and Roku early in 2024. Sign up for our newsletter for upcoming content and important dates.

  • How do I cancel?

    If you are already a subscriber to Aeroverse and have any billing questions, please go to

  • Is Aeroverse just for pilots?

    Absolutely not. Aeroverse was created for anyone who loves aviation. Our viewers can expect content from real pilots and true aviation enthusiasts.

  • Is Aeroverse appropriate for all ages?

    Yes. Rest assured you can turn your TV or mobile device to Aeroverse at any time of day without worrying about what your family is watching.

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